Box Lots

by Lee Marple

1910 - 1917

As early as 1890, Reinhold Schlegelmilch was making porcelain boxes to serve many different uses. The earliest box we know to have been made was to hold gloves, and is marked with the RS Arrow mark in red. We know that the use of the Arrow mark was phased out by 1894, and replaced with the RS Germany "Wing" mark. Boxes were made for many purposes during the life of the company up to the beginning of the First World War. What we concentrate on here are those boxes made in figural shapes, or incorporate figural cameos within them.

The dating of the examples shown here is made primarily on the type of decoration on the box. Some box shapes mimic the patterns used for tableware, but they are generally not of a figural nature. This is especially true for boxes made between 1905 and 1910. Only in a few cases can we date a figural example from an illustration in a wholesale or retail trade catalog where they were offered as individual objects. The large egg shape boxes, regardless of origin, were often described as "Bob Bons" in the trade literature.

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1894 - 1899

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1905 - 1909

1910 - 1917